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w00t! PET me nice.

by on Mar.08, 2012, under The Days

Good news.  The bad boy tumors are half as active and the small ones are “resolved”.  YES!   Now the question is… good enough for a transplant?  Stay tuned.




HEAD: Normal cranial activity.  (ed: yeah, right)

NECK: Moderate improvement in size and markedly improved hypermetabolic activity of previously described left cervical level V & VI adenopathy with maximum SUV now 2.5 (previously 6.4).  Normal activity in seen in the salivary glands, tonsils, tongue, and laryngeal muscles.

CHEST: Marked improvement in superior mediastinal hypermetabolic adenopathy with conglomerate nodal mass persisting but now demonstrating maximum SUV of 4.7 (previously 8.9).  Expected degrees of blood pool, vascular wall and cardiac activity are seen.  Resolution of previously described prevascular mediastinal and diaphragmatic/pericardial hypermetaboic lymph nodes.

ABDOMEN: Normal heterogeneous liver activity is present.  There is expected activity noted within the kidneys, ureters and bowel.

PELVIS: Physiologic expected bowel and bladder activity is noted.  New intense left pelvic wall focus appears related to an intraluminal distal ureteral bolus of excreted FDG agent.

BONES/EXTREMIIES: Normal bone marrow activity is noted.

IMPRESSION: Marked improved cervical and thoracic disease, as described above.


I’ll send 10 paper cranes to the first person who can explain the pelvis results.



7 comments for this entry:
  1. Ray Lee

    I think the pelvis result is them saying you would be peeing out a mass of the radiotracer soon after. I think.

  2. lillian

    @Ray Lee: Sounds legit.

    I threw “intraluminal distal ureteral bolus” at google to see what would happen. This blog post is the only result.

    Greg should get a prize for this.

  3. greg

    Nice try Ray. Nope.

  4. Turtle

    Detachable penis?

  5. chris_in_cal

    I’m thinking, along the lines of Ray, you didn’t shake well enough the last time you #1….and it dribbled on you somewhere(left pelvis area), and the dribble popped the scanner.

    Do I win? (I had to look up “intraluminal” but looking at it again….I should have figured it out. Again, do I win?

  6. greg

    Excreted suggests that something has exited, such as a wetting of the pants or a colostomy bag. Red herring.

    Distal means away but not necessarily unattached. And anatomically, a penis is a tube and within a tube is very intraluminal. Half point to Turtle.


  7. Pat

    Guessing without searching: there are tubes within a tube(s), they are somewhere between the outside and your bladder, one of the tubes has a small spherical collection of FDG(?) between it and the tube surrounding it which has undetermined reasons for the breach between tubes.

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