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True dat

by on Feb.28, 2012, under Extrania

Sometimes the loneliest moments are the most insightful.


Ahnold and Eelvis

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Extrania

The latest addition of vitality to my life: two friends.

Ahnold is a Grouper.  In fact, he is the groupinator.  Ahnold.  You see.

He’s been purchased twice and returned twice to Tropics fish store.  A little over aggressive of personality, it seems, and prone to eating the wrong things.

Eelvis is a Moray Eel.  Also not the friendliest tank mate.  Morays have been known to eat lion fish, which are usually known for their top predator status.

Together: True Wove


Shadrach, Meshach, AChemoDayGoes

by on Feb.22, 2012, under The Days

ESHAP Regimen
Cycle 2
Infusion Day 2 of 5

Here we go, over the falls, into the lake of ick.  The Worm (my gi tract) and I lose harmony for a while.  Any upset, too hot, too cold, hungry, overfull, The Worm makes me pay with gags and fits and tears.  I try not to blame it, I know it’s only being frightened.  I talk it down.  “Easy, there boy.”  And, “hold on, I’ll get you a snack.”   I pet it, albeit on the outside of my abdomen.  Give it a cookie.

Four hours can go several ways.  National Geographic Magazine.  Blogging.  I can unplug my pump from the wall socket and go sit in the library, perhaps to share a meal with Judy if a Tuesday.  Today I copied favorite messages off my phone into the laptop.  Some are many months old.  One’s more than a year.  And I sent a bunch of text’s back.  People probably don’t realize what a long delayed reply it is.  I appreciate the positive messages and I always hope my ‘payback’ arrives at an opportune moment.

Today, it did. My love and a well wish arrived minutes after a breakup.   I appear divine.  Yeah, I’m glad to be that pipe from divine to flesh.

Tomorrow I might sleep.  I might convert dreams and inventions to text.  To scheme of things for better days.




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The Sun Also Rises

by on Feb.08, 2012, under The Days


I’m out of the house, 10 am, in a t-shirt at a sidewalk seat of a cafe.

First, big gratitude to the kindness of nature.

And second to my landlord for coming over this morning to do some restoration on the house.  That got me up and moving.  The tide has turned and I’m feeling better every day after the chemical abuses of last week.  Wow, it just occurs to me I’m sort of a binge addict.

Last night Andrew and I emptied out the dining room and living room so Leo can scrape, fill and paint the ceiling this month before Dan moves in.  Simple things feel like hard work but with proper pacing, all is done on time.  Also, being busy keeps thoughts away from grumpy stomach, ringing ears and all the little discomforts.

I’m excited to think about my house as modern.  Ten years there with ancient carpet, chipped paint and the dust… good time for renewal.  Soon, smooth ceilings, fresh paint and hardwood floors.  And maybe some bamboo shades.  Certainly, a ton of house plants.

Friends from Mission Prep are bringing me food.  My folks, Bob and Jan, are here looking after my nutrition and helping around the house.  I get to enjoy growing well being until the next 5 day zap starting on the 21st.  And, no, that wasn’t nearly enough rain on Tuesday.



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