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by on May.09, 2012, under The Days


The May 2nd move in went well.  Meetings, paperwork, my large pile of toys including a trunk on a furniture dolly, a large blue exercise ball and a guitar courtesy of John Krossa and family.  Luckily, my 6th floor window looks over the mountains and not the 605 freeway gravel pits.  Good draw.  IV’s started.  Played some Rocksmith on the wall with my PS3 and projector.  DSL on the laptop.  A tech center.

Chemo started six am on the third and I immediately went into hell.  Stopped eating, stopped eliminating, mind destroying nausea.  Gagging, spittting, vomiting.  A pure endurance feat.

On the 8th, it let up.  I started seeking eye contact and talking. But the one dose radiation was too much.  Nine minutes on the first side.  But I collapsed (in a harness) on minute seven on the second side.   After some recovery on the floor, did two more minutes radiation and then to bed with chills and ills.

This evening I got another port installed, like the one PICC in my arm, but this one is in the neck.  Larger bore for the larger stem cells.

Tomorrow is my birthday, as they say.  I’ll switch from O- blood type to O+ or A+.


We tried Marinol, Emend, Ativan and others on the nausea but most just lessened it some.  Sleep was sometimes a refuge.  Emend gives bizarre dreams of a level I have never experienced.  Even now I’m awake because of relatively mild but intrusive ills.

The staff here is fantastic.  My parents have been ready at all times but frustratingly helpless again my major opponent.  It’s good to have them and all of you behind me.  Thanks for the letters and texts.  Forgive my quiet but I’ve had few functional calories to spend.


2 comments for this entry:
  1. kristine

    Wonderful to have any updates you are able to post. I am glad to hear the view is good, lots of time ahead to gaze and no matter how positive a person you are, a parking lot is not inspiring! Sunny here for a bit and I have been planting tons if flowers. I will send pictures soon. My yard is gorgeous! Loving spring. You are in my thoughts often and heart always. K

  2. Tyler J. Wagner

    Hold out for AB+, man. Universal recipient, oh yeah!

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