Greg, How Are You?

By The Numbers

by on May.13, 2012, under The Days


Can I have a visitor?  Can I leave my room?  Am I progressing?  Do I need blood?  Are my kidneys safe?

The numbers that rule my life come out twice a day.  The main draw’s always at midnight.

Whites 0.1 on a 5.0 scale.  Very vulnerable right now.
Hematocrit 27.2.  I don’t get transfused til I’m under 25 which is most days.
Platelets 40 of 150.  “Don’t blow your nose” when under 50 they say.  20 is the trigger for a fresh bag

Other numbers determine the level of TPN (IV food), magnesium supplements and the flow rates for any of six or seven bags of sterile goo hanging on my IV pole.

5 comments for this entry:
  1. Shoosh

    Your analytic mind still seems to be functioning quite well. One day at a time…breathe in and out…visualize your cancer disintegrating, being eaten, dissolved, whatever works for you. Just get through another day. I’m smiling there in your heart….your cheering squad is huge…

  2. Kristine

    HI there, Thanks for the update, have been checking alot and happy to hear from you. So what are you doing, when not looking at those numbers? Reading? Music..what keeps you occupied?

    You may feel there is nothing new to update the page with, but we all just like to hear from you..I could write about the new chicken wire I strung on the fenceline…which is not terribly racy..but then again..the chickens were very excited about the new run! So write if the urge hits you..sunshine out that window?

    Miss your cute smile!


  3. Pamela

    Hi there,

    Just checking in. I am thinking of you and sending love. I hope you keep writing whenever you feel up to it.

  4. Marcia

    I see you triumphant, heaving and then triumphant.
    I see you strong, bearing down and then strong.
    I see you vibrant, shriveled and then vibrant.
    I see you on the crest of the wave, hanging in the trough and then riding the crest.
    I see you fighting, fighting for your life, and fighting some more.
    I see you in victory.
    I see you celebrating your victory
    I see you celebrating your victory surrounded by all who love you and care for you.
    I see you celebrating your victory surrounded by all who love you and care for you for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS to come!
    I see you in the light.

  5. Aunt Steph

    My, presious
    greg just thik of those bags if gggoooo as my good food I would make for you if you were here. As they replace bag say chile reallanos, enchiladas, refried beans and go from there. I will so cooking for you when you get home. Let your best auntie know. love, prayers and blessings, aunt steph and uncle victor, nathan tooo.. sleep well my boy sleep well that is when you heal. I love you son

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