Greg, How Are You?

Stop Teasing!

by on May.23, 2012, under The Days

Okay, what am I doing?

Yeah, besides the bio-management, drug fuss n vitals taking, doctors and such.

Okay, I’m learning Ukelele.  Some kind sirs sent a delightful cute one to me the first week and the Music Therapist taught me four chords.  Camptown Races!   I’ve Been Working On The Railroad!  Are You Sleeping Brother John?  My first big goal is “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”.

Also I’m learning electric guitar.  I brought a PS3 and video projector.   With the gift of full electric from the Krossa’s with a game, RockSmith, I’m learning to play six string.

I listen to much music.  I brought a sweet sound system that vibes the whole room.  I have a dozen or two Pandora stations.  I search for happy love songs on grooveshark to share with Judy-love.  I have a few thousand songs on iTunes.  And internet radio.  We live in Posh Times for our ears.

I’m writing a program that will eventually make art movies.   Hard to explain just yet.  I write in Python on my macbook using vi.

I’m playing in two games that look like Risk but are really Diplomacy on with a bunch of friends.  It’s turn based so I only make moves about every other day.

I’m super into this new game, Sky Alchemist, for the mac and PC.  It’s like a tower defense game except you make a chemistry lab that extracts matter and converts it to the phase and purity needed to win the level.  NERD-A-LICIOUS!

For fuzzier brain times I do “Penny’s Fill-In Puzzles.”

I write in my journal.  I blog.  I ponder.  I dream the dreams of entrepreneurs who want a better world.

Sometimes I just stare north at the mountains out my 4′ wide window.

I fold origami and give it away.

The OT and PT people together exercise me and keep the strength and balance up.  I’m pretty whacked but I do what I can.

I have not yet turned on the TV and it’s going to be a point of pride that I don’t.

I’m reading Maggie Koerth-Baker’s new book “Before the Lights Go Out” about energy and civilization.

Lotion on my head feels really good.  So do eyedrops.

I get snail mail some days.  I’m sending pipe cleaner art to my bestest pen pals, the Jankowski’s.


Bear in mind that I was a poisoned puking protoperson just two weeks ago and a fevered zombie last week so it’s a lot of little things.  Today, blessed today, I could actually feel the Greg-ness.  Like being home from work, sick, and getting into that box of toys I’ve been thinking about.  Mostly prior times have been coping and a bit forced in recreation or caving to sleep.

Then came the steroids.   WOOT.  But now broken sleep.

I wished I’d brought my floor lamp.  Dorene even reminded me!   And earplugs are the most essential item.

5 comments for this entry:
  1. Shoosh

    The best thing to hear from you is that you could actually feel the Greg-ness. Welcome back! I can even feel your smile!

  2. Amy

    What a great post. 😉

  3. dorene

    Maybe your mom can get you a new floor lamp- one without germs. 🙂 Some “mood” lighting. I’ll bring one if and when they let us in.

  4. Turtle

    I’m really impressed with your list of activities and that you aren’t watching TV. Even in this you are a bad ass!

  5. Alexandra

    Hi Greg, I am one of the 2 developers of Sky Alchemist. I saw that you mentioned our game and that you like it, which I really makes me proud. I agree to Turtles comment – i find your list of activities impressing too.

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