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The Name of the Demon : C.Diff.

by on Jun.02, 2012, under The Days

So I’ve been suffering a minor plague the last week : diarhea.  A history of my challenges appears at the top of the blog under “medical status.”

Why?   What’s causing it?  Is it Graft vs Host disease?  A bug?

After so many tests from so many places, the word is out!   c.diff


A bug that’s pretty common in hospitals but a problem for people with long stays who are on anti-biotics.  Your gut has helper bacteria that can keep c.diff away but mine are pretty knocked out and I’m vulnerable.  Here’s an article about the critter:

The answer?   Another kind of anti-biotic.  So far I’m still liquid and crampy.  It’s trouble, them bacteria.

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  1. Dorene

    Seems like a probiotic might be in order here!! In India when the docs give antibiotics they give the probiotics right along with them.

  2. Shoosh

    Yes, memories of India….and Dorene has a good suggestion…if you can get some probiotics and then get them into your system that might be helpful. Often hospitals don’t think along these lines, unfortunately. Have they been telling everyone who sees you to wash their hands with soap and water after they leave (and sign the entire Happy Birthday song to make sure you wash long enough?) NIce tidbit from the article you cited. Hang in there, my friend. Your body is trying to put itself in order and has many hoops to jump through. Try to keep your head above it all…

  3. greg

    Probiotics isn’t really in their vocabulary. They are terrified of outside infection, understandably, as you can see I’m in day 9 of bowel infection and they haven’t got it under control.

    I try to eat yogurt every day but I’m up against 3 or 4 kinds of antibiotics.

    They are always wearing gloves, washing hands etc. But they also touch the floor sometimes and then other objects in the room. There are so many people in and out of here such as the guy who inventories the pumps every day. C.Diff is hard to prevent. I don’t feel they are lax but vigilant.

  4. Sarah Rogers

    Hi Greg–Toby had C. diff as a baby, something he most likely picked up in the hospital at birth. It was hideous. As if you needed more crap to deal with…. literally.

  5. Kristine

    With all you have going on…you take the time and the tremendous energy to get all riled up on my behalf…what a warrior! I was deeply touched by your passion about my current challenges. I was also gratified to see that you had that energy in you..even if we both collapsed Such a friend you are…and hearing about all your wonderful friends and the love you me hope! I do need to reach out and find some of that for myself.
    Come home soon! I need a Greg hug! K

  6. Terri

    That fucking sucks! I’ve read it’s become a real problem in many hospitals across the country. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with all this on top of everything else.

    Can we make appropriate jokes about what a pain in the ass this is?

  7. greg

    @Terri — oh, yeah, go for it.

    I say it’s a bowel colonization.

    Kevin says, “Get out bowel squatters!”

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