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Drug Book

Pro gall bladder : actigall
Pro liver : albumin
Anti pudginess : lasix

Immunosuppressant : cellcept

Anti-bacterial : meropenem, levaquin
Anti-fungal : mycafungin, and the other one
Anti-diarhea : octreotide, vancomycin (oral) to fight c.diff bacteria


Anti-viral : gancicyclovir
Anti-allergy/reaction : atarax

Pain control : dilaudid, tylenol, codeine

Anti-nausea: Marinol (oral), Regulin, Zofran, Scopolomine  (skin patch)

Antacid : pepcid (oral)

Anti-anxiety, anti-nausea : Ativan

Screwing with already screwy sleep : Methylprednisone
Screwing with already screwy sleep : Ambien
Encouraging WBC Growth : Neupogen

Bowel Speed Control : lomotil

Mouth Care : Biotene (oral, swish n spit),  Nystatin (swish n swallow)

Graft v Host :  Mycophenolate Mofetil (MMF), Tacrolimus

Blood Chemistry Support : saline, tpn, lipids, magnesium sulfate, liquid vitamins, dextrose in sodium chloride

Fever control : Tylenol (capsules), and for serious shakes… Demeral

Platelet Infusion Premeds : Tylenol (capsules), Atarax (a substitute for the evil Benadryl)

And a multi-vitamin.



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